Who needs a WordPress website?

WordPress Websites created by Rapid Websites, Australia

In a nut shell … anyone with a business!! WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) – currently one of the most popular on the market. Did you know that over 27% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress!! It’s one of the easiest CMS around today, which is why we love it. And if you’re wondering “what is a content management system“, basically it just means that you can manage the content on your own website, with no expensive software. All you need is a browser, like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

You’ll find information online that tells you WordPress is free, which is correct. However, in order to create a professional website for your business you’ll probably want to purchase a professional WordPress theme, and maybe even some plugins relevant to your industry. Although you can give it a go yourself, you’ll probably save time and money in the long run by employing a professional web development company to create the website for you.

At Rapid Websites we create responsive WordPress websites for small businesses all around Australia. We’ll find out what you needs are, talk to you about your business goals, choose an appropriate WordPress theme, and that customise that for your business.

At the end of the process, once the site is live we provide you with a PDF explaining how to login, carry out updates, and make simple changes to your website. Alternatively, we can manage the WordPress site for you.