Canine Boarding Lodge


Canine Boarding Lodge


April 2023

Canine Boarding Lodge are a new business, specialising in providing safe and comfortable boarding facilities for dogs around Sydney. The new website will help to promote the business and provide a platform for clients to access important information and make bookings via Kennel Booker. It’s been great working with Isaac on this project!

The new website features a modern and clean design that is easy to navigate and visually appealing to potential customers. The website includes essential information such as kennel hours, services offered, rates, and policies.

The website has several key features, including:
  • Mobile Responsive Design – The website is optimised for mobile devices, ensuring that it is accessible and easy to use on smartphones and tablets.
  • Online Booking System – The website allows customers to book their dog’s stay at the kennel online. This feature streamlines the reservation process and makes it more convenient for customers.
  • Photo Gallery – The website includes a photo gallery that showcases the dogs that stay there. This feature will give customers a better idea of what to expect when they book a stay at the kennel.
  • Customer Reviews – The website features customer reviews and testimonials, providing potential customers with social proof of the kennel’s quality and reliability.
  • FAQ Section – The website includes an FAQ section that answers common questions about the kennel and its services. This feature will help to reduce customer inquiries and improve the overall customer experience.

We worked closely with the business owner to ensure that the design and functionality of the website met their needs and goals. We also ensured the website is optimised for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find the boarding kennels online.

The new website will help Canine Boarding Lodge to attract new customers, improve the customer experience, and grow its business.

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