The best way to sell your products or services online

Benefits of an Ecommerce WordPress Website for your small business

If your small business sells products or services, you could benefit from an eCommerce website. In order to thrive, businesses need to reach new customers and communicate effectively with existing ones. If you have a physical shopfront, an eCommerce shopping cart may help you move past the limitations a physical location presents. And if you work from home, an eCommerce website allows you to compete with the big guys!

By creating a WordPress eCommerce website for your small business, you’re allowing prospective customers to shop where, how and when they want. The online environment removes the need for the 9-5 shop opening hours. Many people like to shop online to avoid traffic and time wasted queuing in shops, and an online store is ALWAYS OPEN!

Did you know that an ACMA commissioned survey in 2014 suggests that 10.7 million Australian internet users go online more than once a day, and 10.9 million made an eCommerce transaction in the 4 weeks prior to the survey.

Your small business may sell tangible products, downloadable MP3 files, event tickets, or even cooking classes! WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress shopping cart plugins, and it can cope with all these scenarios, and more.

Increase the visibility of your goods and services by creating an eCommerce website, and reach new prospective customers through the search engines.